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Hi, i'm François-Renaud Labarthe. I'm working  as Production Designer since 1984. The result of a raging lifetime passion for movies and cinema made me embrace this profession with a constantly renewed fervor and enthusiasm.  I have been designing for more than 50 long feature films, a lot of commercials and a few short feature films.  I collaborated with Olivier Assayas, Laurent Perrin, Cédric Klapish, Catherine Breillat, Arnaud Despléchin, Jean-François Richet, Catherine Corsini, Blanca Li, Pascale Ferran, Xavier Giannolli, Guillaume Canet, Gabriel Aghion, Erick Zonca, Charles de Meaux, Katia Lewkowicz, Eva Ionesco, Marina de Van, Richard Berry, Jonathan Helpert, Romain Gavras, Claire Denis, Tom Shankland, Hans Herbots, Tristan Seguela, Julien Paolini…

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